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The options for gemstone jewelry are vast. From precious ruby, sapphire, and pearl, to semi-precious aquamarine, tourmaline, and opal, we have something for everyone.

Remember birthstones too, symbolizing the month you or a loved one was brought into the world – perfect for gifts. Matching gemstones and diamonds really pop the piece out – try diamonds and sapphire drop earrings for instance – instant wow! Come on in and see us to discover a wide array of color, here at Morrissey Fine Jewelry

cufflinks with square black gemstones

A Prefect Birthday Gift.

Gemstones are traditionally associated with months. This makes them a great gift for your family and friends. Here’s a list:

January: garnet. February: amethyst. March: aquamarine. April: diamond. May: emerald. June: alexandrite. July: ruby. August: peridot. September: sapphire. October: tourmaline. November: topaz. December: blue topaz.

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