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Keith Jack was raised around the Celtic influences of Scotland and Ireland. His jewelry shows this with flowing, ancient lines, and modern interpretations.

With an incredible range for both men and women, Keith Jack is the perfect “his and hers” gift, as well as a great range to own and collect for yourself. Come in and discover this great brand and we’ll show you why we love to have it in the store.

The Story

Scotland and Ireland are home to the Celtic legends and the lore Keith was raised on. The raw beauty of these landscapes that surrounded him and the birth of his two children inspired him to become immersed in the jewelry industry and an award-winning jewelry designer.

When he was in his mid-forties, he was excited to relocate to Vancouver, Canada. This move breathed new life into his designs and business. Now over a decade later, he is a proud dual Canadian/Scottish citizen with his work in over 300 stores across North America.

Tree of Life Pendant
Silver and Bronze Stag & Thistle Ring

All Starts From an Inspiration

Each of Keith’s collections starts from an inspiration; something unique that he has seen in a hidden mountain loch, ancient Norse coin, or dragonfly skimming over a pond.

These ideas are then translated into sketches. Keith designs with a 360-degree view of the piece in mind, factoring in the weight and feel of each piece.

When considering his customer, he has a unique perspective on jewelry; the pieces are not exclusively for men or women, they are for all.

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